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Thanks for visiting Fancy Face Photography.

After almost ten years teaching middle school in New York City, I went into semi-retirement to have my first daughter, Lily. Before I knew it, my second little girl was on the way and we were moving from Brooklyn to the burbs. Fast forward 18 months, a million diapers and countless sleepless nights: I was ready for a new challenge.

Many of my friends had complimented me on my photographs and told me I should start a business. One day on the treadmill I decided to do it! Fancy Face was born. Since then I have spent most of my spare moments reading, learning and practicing to hone my technique. I have invested in the highest quality pro-photography equipment available to help me deliver extraordinary images to my clients.

I pride myself on taking natural, candid photographs of families. With all my years of teaching and my 7+ years as a mom (now to three hilarious girls), I always tell parents not to worry because I have seen EVERYTHING. My goal as a photographer is for the family to have fun, for the kids to be themselves, for us all to get a little messy and a lot happy in the process. I love taking photos at kids’ birthday parties because the smiles are genuine and there are so many strong emotions to capture. Plus, everyone adores cake.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work. I have loved taking every single one of these pictures and can’t wait to take a million more!


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