January 20, 2014

When you own a business, it’s really important to have a strong brand identity. When people hire you, they should know exactly what they are getting. With me, you get vivid, natural images of kids doing what they do. I never bring props to shoots; I make use of what is around me in a client’s home or in nature.

But as an artist, I know that rules are meant to be broken. So when I had an overwhelming desire to do a red and pink heart-filled photo shoot for Valentine’s Day, I let myself go for it. I dragged my three girls to Target on Saturday afternoon to buy nail polish, candy hearts, confetti, marshmallows and red and white striped straws.

Sunday’s shoot was girlie heaven. One mom set up a manicure station and painted the girls’ nails pink and red with sparkles while I scoped out the light. All I needed was a big window and a nice wood floor and we were good to go.

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